Weekly Meditation Classes

Meditation & Buddhism

Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane is a modern meditation space located in the heart of Spring Hill. Our meditation room is carpeted and soundproofed, with air conditioning and purified air. Seating is available on comfortable chairs. The Centre provides a comfortable and relaxed environment in which people can discover the benefits of meditation and modern Buddhism for themselves. Everyone is welcome!

Drop-in General Program Classes

Our weekly meditation drop-in classes are taught by qualified Buddhist teachers, and are very easy to understand and apply to our daily lives. The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, and emphasize how to use meditation and subsequent practices amidst the busyness of modern, daily life. The union of Buddha’s teachings within our daily life is the essence of Kadampa Buddhism. Everybody welcome.

Five Habits of Happy People

Happiness is something that each one of us has the potential to experience, but often our habitual ways of thinking take us in the opposite direction. This engaging five-week series will teach critical lessons about some of the habits of happy people that will enrich our life’s experience.

We will explore several meditations and ways of thinking that uplift the mind and how by carrying these into our day we can maintain a light, joyful attitude whatever life throws our way.

Wednesdays 7 – 8.15pm ️ Feb 1  •  8  •  15  •  22  •  Mar 1

Thursdays 10.30 -11.45am ️ Feb 2  •  9  •  16  •  23  •  Mar 2

$15 per class

Teacher: Gen Kelsang Ani


Other class locations: 

Kenmore Uniting Church,  Moggill Road, Kenmore Tuesdays 7 – 8.15pm ️ Jan 31  •  Feb 7  •  14  •  21  •  28  Teacher: Kelsang Palmo

Be Kind to Yourself

The way in which we relate to ourself affects every aspect of our life. We need a positive self view and the ability to be strong and happy regardless of life’s challenges and what others may think of us.

Wednesdays 7 – 8.15pm ️ Mar 8  •  15  •  22  •  29

Thursdays 10.30 -11.45am ️ Mar 9  •  16  •  23  •  30

$15 per class

Teacher: Gen Kelsang Ani


Other class locations: 

Kenmore Uniting Church,  Moggill Road, Kenmore Tuesdays 7 – 8.15pm ️ Mar 7  •  14  •  21  •  28  Teacher: Kelsang Palmo

Meditation & Buddhism for Kids

These classes include simple Buddhist teachings and meditations that revolve around children’s everyday experiences. They are designed to help them see things in a way that makes them calmer and happier. Classes also include a craft activity based on that day’s topic. Suggested age range is 5-12 years. Children are to be accompanied by an adult.

Sundays 9.30 – 10.30am ️ Next term: Feb 12 • 19 • 26

Book here: $30 per child

Teacher: Belinda Read

Free Guided Lunchtime Meditation

Refresh your mind and find some inner peace on your lunch break.

Drop-in for a free 15-minute guided lunchtime meditation. There is no need to book. Comfortable seating is available on chairs.

No meditation experience is necessary, classes are suitable for beginners and experienced meditators. Everyone is welcome.

Mon – Thurs & Sat* 12.30 -12.45pm

* Saturdays – please note there is no free guided meditation when other events are scheduled on Saturdays, please see calendar below for dates.


free meditation prayers for world peace

Prayers for World Peace

Prayers for World Peace is a free meditation class that gives us the opportunity to develop a warm and loving heart. Classes include two guided meditations a talk and inspiring prayers for world peace.

Everyone is welcome.

Saturdays 12.30 -1.30pm ️ Jan 21 | Feb 11 | Mar 18


Prayers & Chanted Meditations

Meditation prayers (or Puja in sanskrit) are an important component of training in a spiritual life. They help us to still our mind, connect with enlightened beings, and prepare our mind for meditation. Everyone is welcome to attend chanted prayers, there is no need to book and no fee.

Everyone is welcome.

️ Please Check the Calendar


In-depth Study

Foundation Program

️ Thursdays 7 – 9pm (starting 23 Mar)


Teacher: Gen Kelsang Ani

The Foundation Program (FP) is about to begin the study of part two of The New Heart of Wisdom, by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche. FP, in general, is an opportunity to deepen our understanding and experience of Buddha’s teachings. Studying part two of The New Heart of Wisdom, in particular, offers an opportunity to gain deep insight into the hidden meaning of the Heart Sutra, the stages of the vast path. Through training in the vast path we will know the entire meaning of the Heart Sutra.

“By revealing the profound meaning of the very heart of Buddha’s teachings – the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras – this book shows how we can attain pure, lasting happiness through developing special wisdom and universal compassion.”

Joining FP involves participating in all the study and discussion classes and taking an exam at the end of each section of the book. Each study class consits of chanted prayers, guided meditation, teaching and discussion.

Monthly membership of KMC Brisbane is required while studying FP. The cost of this is $100 per month which also enables you to attend all the general program classes, workshops and retreats held at the centre.

If you would like to join FP or come along to trial a class, please email fp@meditateinbrisbane.org

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