Overcoming Anxiety

with Gen Kelsang Rabten
Saturday 30 November

Overcoming Anxiety

With Gen Kelsang Rabten

A Special Meditation Workshop

A Special Meditation Workshop

About the Course

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about one thing or another?

And does this adversely affect the quality of your life?

In our modern world it’s it is increasingly difficult to ward off anxious states of mind. Not long after one worry passes, another one quickly arises to take its place.

Fortunately, anxiety isn’t created by our present difficulties, or future outcomes that are yet to arise, or instilled in you by your genetics or upbringing – you’re not an intrinsically anxious person. Anxiety is something you can completely overcome.

By growing your practical wisdom, understanding how your mind works and gaining experience of Buddhist meditation techniques, you can learn to control our mind, rather than allowing your mind to control you. Through this you will be able to let go of worry, overcome anxious minds and develop a sense of peace and mental freedom that is absolutely priceless.

In this workshop you will:

  • understand where your anxiety comes from;
  • receive practical advice for how to think in ways that prevent anxiety from arising in your mind; and
  • be guided in meditations that you can do yourself to pacify your mind and develop the inner peace that everyone longs for.

Date & Time

Saturday 30 November – 10:00am to 2.30pm


$80 per person (includes morning tea & lunch)

Included in KMC Brisbane Membership (lunch additional)

(Available online for KMC Brisbane Members)


Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane

109 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Our Teacher

The teacher of this special event is Gen Kelsang Rabten.  Gen Kelsang Rabten is National Spiritual Director of Australia, New Zeland and South East Asia; and Resident Teacher of KMC Australia and KMC Melbourne. Ordained in 1994, he has studied under the guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for 30 years and has taught in many centres around the world.

Gen Rabten exemplifies the essence of the modern Kadampa way of life, and brings a warm heart and joyful attitude to sharing Buddha’s teachings and the practice of meditation.

What to Expect

Over three sessions (each 1 hour long), Gen Rabten will guide us to discover ways to recognise the correct causes of our anxiety and unhappiness, reduce it’s intensity and duration and eventually overcome it altogether.

We sit in comfortable chairs or a cushion on the floor if you prefer. A delicious home-made morning tea and lunch will be served in the breaks to give you time to relax, absorb the teachings and to make new friends. Everyone is welcome.