Special Events

The Science of Happiness

Visiting Teacher Meditation Workshop

️Sat 30 Sep

10am – 2.30pm | Doors open 9.30am

Book here: $75 (includes lunch and refreshments)

Teacher: Gen Kelsang Rabten

Available to attend online for Centre members. Click here for details about our live-streamed events.

The tried and tested methods of modern Buddhism provide a scientific method to fulfil our deepest wish, our wish for happiness. In science we acquire knowledge through observation and experimentation. It is precisely through this method that Buddha arrived at his insights into reality, and in the practice of Buddhist meditation we learn to observe and experiment with our mind so as to reproduce, and thereby verify, Buddha’s results for ourselves. What are these results? Happiness!

Whereas our material science has brought about astounding external developments, it has never produced true, lasting happiness. How could it? Happiness is a state of mind and so its causes lie in the mind. Through the inner science of meditation, Buddha discovered these actual causes of happiness. Through applying the practice of meditation in our life we verify Buddha’s insights directly in our own experience. We become the inner scientist, and in the process learn how to skilfully let go of those states of mind that give rise to our unhappiness, and to nurture those inner states of peace, kindness, wisdom and love that give rise to feelings of authentic happiness.

Refuge Retreat

Unguided retreat

️ Sat 23 Sep

9am – 3pm | Doors open 8.30am

Free event

The foundation of the Buddhist way of life is to go for refuge to the Three Jewels: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Once a year, we engage in Refuge Retreat to deepen our personal experience of refuge and inner protection. Refuge Retreat is an opportunity to deepen your refuge in the Three Jewels, thereby developing profound inner protection and enhancing your progress along the path to supreme happiness.

Each session lasts for an hour and a half and consists of chanted prayers and a silent period for reading, contemplation and meditation. You can attend any or all of the retreat sessions.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy this special opportunity to gain familiarity with this beautiful practice.

Meditation and Buddhism for Kids

Sunday 9.30am -10.30am

️ Oct 15 • 22 • 29

Book here: $30 per block

These classes include simple Buddhist teachings and meditations that revolve around children’s everyday experiences. They are designed to help them see things in a way that makes them calmer and happier. Classes also include a craft activity based on that day’s topic. In these classes, children learn simple meditations, as well as methods to calm their minds and deal with negative feelings. Suggested age range is 5-11 years. Children are to be accompanied by an adult. Booking is required.

National Festivals

Each year, as well as many other special events and retreats, Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia hosts the Australian Festival around the new year and the Australian Dharma Celebration around Easter. These special national events gather people from all over Australia together to enjoy meaningful spiritual holidays. 

International Festivals