Special Events

The Skill of Self-confidence

Visiting Teacher Meditation Workshop

️Sun 25 Jun

10am – 2.30pm | Doors open 9.30am

Teacher: Gen Kelsang Tsalden

Book here: $75 (includes lunch and refreshments)

We all want to feel good about ourselves. Suffering from a lack of self-confidence can adversely affect our daily life, our relationships and our spiritual development. However, self-confidence is not a quality that we either have or we don’t have. It is a state of mind that can be cultivated.

In this workshop with guest teacher Gen Kelsang Tsalden, we’ll learn ways of relating to ourself which give rise to authentic self-confidence. This will empower us in all our activities and will give us the inner confidence to develop our good qualities and enjoy a positive mind. In this way we begin to be the confident, joyful, loving person we truly wish to be.

National Festivals

Each year, as well as many other special events and retreats, Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia hosts the Australian Festival around the new year and the Australian Dharma Celebration around Easter. These special national events gather people from all over Australia together to enjoy meaningful spiritual holidays. 

International Festivals