Introduction to


Saturday 20 July

to Buddhism

Saturday 20 July

A Half Day Meditation Workshop

About the Course

Are you curious why Buddhists are happy all of the time?

Do you want that for yourself and your loved ones?

Are you trying to find some meaning in your life?

Do you know you need inner peace but don’t know how to find it?

On Saturday 20 July these and many more questions will be answered.  By attending this workshop you’ll understand who Buddha was, the fundamentals of what he taught and how we can apply his wisdom to our busy modern life.  Through this we too can attain inner peace and happiness all of the time and become an example for others to want to do the same.

In this workshop you will:

  • learn who Buddha was and what he taught;
  • receive practical advice for how to apply his teachings in a modern world; and
  • be guided in some meditations that we can do ourself to pacify our mind and develop the inner peace that we long for.

Date & Time

Saturday 20 July – 10:00am to 1pm


$50 per person (includes morning tea)

Included in KMC Brisbane Membership

(Available online for KMC Brisbane Members)


Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane

109 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Our Teacher

The teacher of this course is Buddhist nun, Kelsang Khandro.  Kelsang Khandro is an experienced and dedicated practitioner of Kadampa Buddhism.  She teaches with warmth and sincerity, conveying Kadampa Dharma in a lively and practical way that makes it easy for students to know how to put the teachings into practise.

What to Expect

Over two sessions (each 1 1/4 hours long), we’ll discover the fundamentals of Buddha’s teachings and how we can apply his teachings to our own life and develop the happiness we long for.

We sit in comfortable chairs or a cushion on the floor if you prefer. A delicious home-made morning tea will be served in the breaks to give you time to relax, absorb the teachings and to make new friends. Everyone is welcome.