Empowerment of

Green Tara

with retreat

Sat 21 & Sun 22 September


Green Tara

with retreat

Sat 21 & Sun 22 September

About the Empowerment

Who is Green Tara?

Green Tara is the female Buddha of active compassion who, as the manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas, is known as the ‘Mother of the Conquerors’. She is also known as the ‘Great Liberator’ who pacifies all sickness, poverty, misfortune, fighting and quarrelling, and causes the Dharma and all good fortune to flourish. Her green-coloured body symbolises that she is also the manifestation of the fully purified wind element of all the Buddhas, and like the wind is quick to respond to the prayers of those in need. Her right leg extended also indicates her readiness to help others. This painting shows Tara seated on a lotus arising from a lake. It is said that when Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha of Compassion, saw the immensity of suffering in the world he started crying, and Tara was born from a lotus that arose from his lake of tears.

What is a blessing Empowerment?

An empowerment provides us with a vision and a sense of what is possible. We imagine a transformation—that in reality—is completely possible. Through correct imagination, wisdom and meditation this empowerment is an opportunity to create a special connection with the enlightened being Green Tara.

The empowerment takes the form of a series of guided meditations which bestow upon us special blessings that heal our mind and awaken our potential to become pure enlightened beings.  Gen Kelsang Ani who will be granting the empowerment, will have engaged in a week of silent retreat to prepare for guiding the meditations. Empowerments are also special opportunities to meet with other spiritual practitioners.

Date & Time

Empowerment & Commentary:

Saturday 21 September – 10am to 4pm


Sunday 22 September – 10am to 2.30pm


Saturday (Empowerment) and Sunday (Retreat) – $120

Saturday (Empowerment Day) Only – $80

Sunday (Retreat Day) Only – $60

Member of KMC Brisbane – both days – $40

Member of KMC Brisbane – Saturday – $25

Member of KMC Brisbane – Sunday lunch – $15


Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane

109 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill QLD 4000

Gen Kelsang Ani

Our Teacher

The teacher of this course is Gen Kelsang Ani.  Gen Ani is Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane and teaches all the main classes and courses at the Centre. Gen Ani has been studying and practising Modern Kadampa Buddhism with Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for over 20 years. She teaches with warmth and compassion, making modern Buddhism accessible and applicable to all.

What to Expect

We sit in comfortable chairs or a cushion on the floor if you prefer. A delicious home-made morning tea will be served in the breaks to give you time to relax, absorb the teachings and to make new friends. Everyone is welcome.