Bring Wisdom into your Life

Teachings on the Four Seals

Weekend Course | Friday night 28 February – Sunday lunchtime 1 March
Join Resident Teacher, Gen Kelsang Drolkyi, for this very special weekend course in which we will look at Buddha’s teachings on the Four Seals that explain how to improve our wisdom understanding the temporary and ultimate nature of our world. These profound teachings include explanations of impermanence, emptiness and the nature of the mind. During the course Gen Drolkyi will show how this wisdom can be used to overcome confusion and make our mind clear. In this way we will experience the clarity and purpose that wisdom brings to our life.

The Four Seals:

  • All products are impermanent
  • All contaminated things are the nature of suffering
  • All phenomena are selfless
  • Only nirvana is peace

The Teacher

This weekend event will be taught by Gen Kelsang Drolkyi, the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane. Gen Drolkyi is a Senior Teacher who has studied extensively on the Teacher Training Programme and is qualified to teach both Sutra and Tantra. Her experience of Dharma makes her teachings clear and practical showing how everyone can learn to live a joyful life through Dharma practice.

More Information

Everybody is welcome to attend this weekend course regardless of experience. You don’t need to bring anything along. Seating is available on chairs or on cushions on the floor. You are welcome to attend the whole weekend course, or just come for a morning or afternoon session on either day.


The Venue

Kadampa Meditation Centre Brisbane
109 Leichhardt St, Spring Hill



Weekend Course | Friday night 28 February – Sunday lunchtime 1 March

Fee & Bookings

The cost for the weekend course is $140. You can also book for a morning or afternoon session separately.