Declutter Your Mind

An Online Video Course
Available Sunday 7 June – Sunday 14 June · $20
Declutter Your Mind
Mental clutter pulls us off centre, disrupting our balance. Our thoughts can get so jumbled and disorderly that we feel unclear and tired – unable to make clear decisions.

On this course you will learn meditations on the clarity of the mind. These meditations help us to declutter our mind. They free us from busyness and fogginess and increase our wisdom. By engaging in these meditations regularly our thoughts will become clearer and more focused, making it easier to stay sharp, and feel revitalised throughout the day. Many people find these meditations very useful for reducing worries and helping with sleeplessness.

This online video course consists of two video classes. Each class includes practical teachings and short guided meditations to enable you to deepen your understanding of the topic. You don’t need to be a Buddhist, or have prior meditation experience, to benefit from this course. The course is suitable for everyone.

Details & Bookings


The Venue

Online Course


Fee & Bookings

The cost of this video course is $20. Please book via the link below.

Date & Time

Available Sunday 7 June – Sunday 14 June

This course consists of two one-hour video classes.

Gen Kelsang Drolkyi

The Teacher

This course will be taught by Resident Teacher and Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Drolkyi. Gen Drolkyi is a Senior Teacher who has studied extensively on the Teacher Training Programme. She is qualified to teach both Sutra and Tantra. Her experience of Dharma makes her teachings clear and practical, showing how everyone can learn to live a joyful life through Dharma practice.

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